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Full Stack Software Engineer, Introvert, Gamer, Thinker and Blogger from Hong Kong.

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How to Stop Living Poor and Grow Your Wealth

The earlier you build up proper money habits, the sooner your wealth grows.

2021-02-11 • 5 minute read


5 React Native Libraries You Might Have Missed

Hidden gems I've found in the React Native community.

2021-02-01 • 2 minute read


Create Feature Flags For Your React App with Firebase Remote Config

A simple way to switch on and off your application features.

2020-10-02 • 3 minute read

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Latest Book Notes


Animal Farm

A must read classic novel from the early 20th century reviewing the idea of Socialism.

By George Orwell • Rating 5 / 5


12 Rules for Life - An Antidote to Chaos

Rules to consider living by when our life is inherently full of chaos.

By Jordan Peterson • Rating 5 / 5

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