Projects that I've worked on.

Featured Project

SleekFlow Website

My first freelance job to help revamping SleekFlow's marketing website - a SaaS company that unifies multiple messaging apps into one platform for businesses to better support and engage with their customers.

Next TailwindCSS GraphQL Contentful Vercel

SleekFlow Website

In Time Life Calendar

Inspired by the movie In Time and Memento Mori Life Calendar

SvelteKit TailwindCSS Vercel V1

The first iteration of my website. I learned Gatsby and GraphQL extensively.

Gatsby TailwindCSS GraphQL MDX Netlify

Gaming Discord Chatbot

Co-written a chatbot that does gaming related operations.

Discord.js Node TypeScript Parcel Jest

Windows 95 Paint Clone

A simplified version of Windows 95 Paint.

React Redux Heroku